Garfas MACHINES: a family business with the organization of large-scale industry. The structure is composed of:

Research & Development, Design with 3D CAD stations
commercial office
purchasing department
spare parts inventory, shipping in 24 hours
raw materials warehouse
CNC machining department
ward heat treatments
metrology lab, testing and quality control
assembly department.

The entire production cycle: design, purchasing, manufacturing, testing, shipping and after-sales service, is performed according to the rules dictated by an Internal Quality Manual.
The technicians Garfas have many years of experience that has been passed down for 4 generations: the 1st machine was produced in 1938.
In the world are operating more than 10,000 machines with guaranteed technical assistance both directly and through our Authorized Dealers.
The availability of spare parts of our production is guaranteed for 15 years.
The production Garfas is divided into:

Standard Machines 
Design and Production Machinery and Equipment on order
Precision Mechanical Machining for third parties
Rapid Prototyping ABS components.


The research & development in Garfas has always been subject to particular and considerable investment. Powerful 3D CAD systems facilitate the continuous development of new technology applications that make Garfas a point of reference in various industrial sectors.


The modern CNC machine tools in the production department Garfas, are able to perform any milling and drilling down to the size of 1000x500x500 mm and turning D.500 x 1000 mm.


For the past five years the Garfas has set up a machine for rapid prototyping of components in ABS.

This investment allows us to be quick to assess the feasibility and functionality of new components, to run components with complex shapes with a quick time to market.

This service is also offered to third parties.